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After-sale service

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After-sale service
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In the future, we will better serve the needs of users, and do a good job in guiding the use and after-sales service. Our company is committed to the spirit of pursuing high quality, high quality and customer satisfaction, and based on the principles of thoughtful service and reliable product quality. Make the following commitments:

1. Product Quality Commitment:

The manufacturing and testing of products conform to national standards.

The products are tested by professional testing personnel to ensure that the various indicators of the products meet the requirements of customers.

If our products have quality problems during the warranty period, we will provide solutions in the first time and handle them properly.

2. Delivery time commitment:

Our company ensures that the products are delivered to the designated place within the time required by the customer. If the customer has special requirements that need to be completed in advance, our company can negotiate with the customer to ensure that the customer's needs are met in time.

3. During the warranty period, if the same equipment with the same quality problem fails to be used normally after three consecutive repairs, our company promises to replace the new equipment of the same brand and model, and implement three guarantees for product quality.

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